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Oh my god, I am an Actual Dumbass.

The help I’ve needed has been very pointedly staring me in the face since before I was even freaking born. And I’ve just been stumbling around like Gandalf trying to open the gates of Moria.

Holy hell do I have a lot of reading to catch up on.

I don’t know why, but posting things in a public place like this has always helped me think. So I know that I’m not making sense, and I apologize. Nobody has to read any of this.


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1 month ago

<3 <3 all of it

1 month ago

Idk what the hell “delete between these marks” comment I managed to do, but I was trying to say that we love you, and that even if no one else reads your blogs where you’re thinking as you’re writing like this, that I will, because I like seeing how your brain works…all of it

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