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We started a Stardew Valley farm with our partner system yesterday!

We’ve played Stardew Valley before, but partner system has played it a lot more and knows a lot of things by heart. It’s nice to just relax with them, and playing in co-op helps keep the game from being the time sink that it normally becomes for us. (This is why we’ve never gotten very far on the farms we’ve started previously. We have to stop so we can get other things done.)

We’ve also gotten some new oracle decks, and partner system has been helping us learn some new-to-us metaphysical practices. I cannot express what a relief it is to be able to just…follow our bones. Living in abusive situations, we learned to suppress the call of our bones, to ask it “please wait for later” out of fear that, once exposed, it would be destroyed. We thought that it might disappear altogether, but it did not. It waited, just like we asked.

There’s a quote by Catherynn Valente about the pull of your bones vs the pull of your heart. I hope that I can find it.

Ah, yes, here it is:

“I’m sure you’ve heard people talk about their Heart’s Desire – well that’s a load of rot. Hearts are idiots. They’re big and squishy and full of daft dreams. They flounce off to write poetry and moon at folk who aren’t worth the mooning. Bones are the ones that have to make the journey, fight the monster, kneel before whomever is big on kneeling these days. Bones do the work for the heart’s grand plans. Bones know what you need. Hearts only know want.”

― Catherynne Valente The Girl Who Fell Beneath Fairyland and Led the Revels There

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1 month ago

I would personally argue against the heart not knowing need (after all, if a heart gives out, you’re almost always dead. But a broken or missing bone here or there is still survivable for the most part), but I think I understand what is meant over all!

Love y’all! <3

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