The Results Are In

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We are, unfortunately, the child of the parental-units who have abused us emotionally, mentally, physically, and sexually for as long as we can remember.

Our therapist has told us that the fact that we’re their actual kid, rather than a stolen/adopted kid, makes everything they did to us worse.

That honestly boggles my brain a bit. Idk why, but this actually makes me feel like everything was better?

Like…they didn’t go out and specially get a child to do all this gross stuff too. Instead, they just did it to one they already had nearby.

Alexei has been reverting to slightly more spicy tendencies and informing us all that “he told us so” and that we “wasted money on something we shouldn’t have”

🙄 our therapist has been refuting that by stating that we got a clear and firm ANSWER. One that is already helping us move forward in therapy. We haven’t yet figured out the truth of what are factual memories and what is just a disguising façade, but we’re moving towards that.

There’s been a bunch of other stuff happening in our life (a third antidepressant to try…which seem like it might actually be working a bit?? Among other family and generic life stress)

We’re very low on energy and spoons, but we wanted to at least post something

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