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  • sharon.t-e-c

    December 14, 2022 at 3:11 am
    Level 5: Froglet

    Merry Meet Luna! While I’m not the host of our system, I am pretty active. Janet, another T-E-C-ie, is our main gamer. She currently spends most of her gaming time in World of Warcraft WotLK Classic, and we have a deal worked out that she gets to raid at least one night a week. That doesn’t always happen, but we try. WoW is a huge positive trigger for her, so we’ve all agreed to login early on raid night to see if we can get Janet to pop up and enjoy her evening.

    Personally, I like RPG games for the story aspect. I have recently been enjoying Life is Strange: True Colors on the Xbox. Game pass is awesome. 😉

    I have a pretty decent anime collection on DVD, but its in boxes in our storage room right now. Have you ever seen Boogiepop Phantom? It’s a favorite of mine. I also love manga art, and have been known to order entire series of books straight from Japan, just for the art work.

    I spent over a decade as a practicing wiccan, and was an eternal freshman at wiccanseminary.edu for a few years. I came to the realization that I’m more generic pagan than wiccan, though. That’s where I am today. I believe that God has DID, and that’s why there are so many Gods and Goddesses. 😉 That’s also my answer for monotheism vs. polytheism. I guess you could say I believe in both? I spent a lot of my 20s in liberal Jewish communities, and even considered studying to become a rabbi at one point.

    What app do you use on your phone? Feel free to connect with me on the site if you’d like to message me directly.