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  • PrplPoppy

    December 14, 2022 at 6:13 am
    Level 3: Toothed Tadpole

    We are the Puple Poppy System (PrplPoppy on our SM)… We are probably one of the oldest people on here, seeing that we have 4 adult children, the youngest being 20 years… and no teenage pregnancy.

    We found out about our System last year when we went through a traumatic event with our primary abuser, had a big life change, and our brain finally decided we didn’t have to live in survival mode anymore; all within the span of a few weeks. Well… WE knew about the System, the host didn’t. It took 364 days from our first therapy appointment with our therapist to our getting our Psychiatrist’s assessment results.

    We’re still very Switchy, so we get tired easy, but we like to crochet. It helps keep us grounded.

    What other grunging activity keeps you grounded?