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  • Luna

    December 14, 2022 at 1:04 pm
    Level 6: Adult Frog

    We also play WoW, though we can’t always afford the monthly subscription. A lot of online games are positive triggers for another one of our parts, Maxi. I think she most likes the social aspect of them since she’s the most extroverted out of all of us. I really love the Life is Strange series, especially True Colors, I think it’s my favorite in the series.

    Maxi’s also one of our witches, and she originally started on the Wiccan path and was the first to become interested in witchcraft. She eventually realized it wasn’t for her and now she mainly works with Tarot(she uses the Smith-Waite deck) and divination and crystals. I started becoming interested in witchcraft as I was helping her in look into it. The only goddess I’ve worked with so far is Selene(Greek goddess of the moon) and I also do a bit of work with dragons. I grew up in a Christian household so I also believe in God, so I guess I’m in the same boat with polytheism and monotheism.

    We’ve been using Antar to communicate with each other. We’ve been using it since about March of this year and we think it’s the best app for communication that we’ve used. We have a widget on our screen that reminds us to check it every once in a while. We used to exclusively use a journal to communicate, but that was harder for maintaining communication and tracking switches, as we don’t really have it on us most of the time.

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