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  • Anomalous

    January 4, 2023 at 1:02 am
    Level 5: Froglet


    My name is Thomas Helferin, and I am the “moderator” so to speak, of our system. In our system, there is me, an ANP named Jim Lavoro, a little by the name of Jaiden Amatangelo, two EPs named Nicholas Procuror (though he would argue that he is very unemotional) and Monika Reshimost (who can be very emotional), and B. Amatangelo, the original to this body.

    Now, as to hobbies, we as a whole enjoy the game Terraria, we even went as far as becoming a part of the community development team for the game. As for me specifically, talking Psychology is what I enjoy most. Jaiden likes everything, he is a very curious child. Nicholas enjoys performing on the piano, as he has been playing for 14 years and has done a few performances in his time, and he is also a full-stack web developer of 5 years experience (not in the workforce, however, just as a hobby). Monika likes to sing, and also enjoys animals. Jim enjoys swing dancing and the outdoors, and B., well, his interests change day to day depending on what is most influential to him at the time.

    An interesting thing about our system, is that B. was not conscious to the matter of having DID until recently, when his Counselor told him that, out of the many clients he had seen, only 3 of them caused him concern for DID, and he is one of them.

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