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  • ConfusedSoup

    January 10, 2023 at 4:31 am
    Level 5: Froglet

    uh im kinda shit at intros, but ill try. others have been lising members so.. uh yeah

    I’m Jay, i think im kinda stuck as host atm, hosted in the past when we were young. im kinda stuck arounf 19-22 atm, but our body is in its 40s.

    uh theres drake whos a dragon(and a dork), paper whos a ball of light or a fairy maybe(she was host before me), calli a.. whatever calli is(calli just fused from two others and i dont have good comunication with them yet, also kinda os a sassybitch but i love em), uh void ocean is outerspace, room is a room, Isaac is a 40year old dad(also a dork), Resa’s a 6ish year old who loves bunnies and skeletons and teeth, crow is somewhere between 2 and 4 i think and is super into the ‘i point at things and you tell me what it is and then i laugh’ game, smoke is going through some shit shes in flux atm but used to identify with the body i think, uuuh fuck who else…. someone who doesnt talk and doesnt have a name but texts alot, lofi who only appologizes profusly and panics(i wish i could help them better), and someone who cant see and wont talk i dunno it they can hear i have no comunication with them dunno anything about them… and thats all the known system i can remember atm. i feel there may be more i dont know about but thats a can of worms for later

    if any of the others want a better description they can reply to this post i guess. sorry intos make me nervous

    – Jay

    we’re here mostly to find some kind of comunity or solidarity or something, we dont use most social media and cant keep up with linear people very well.