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  • GoddexxGrimes

    February 9, 2023 at 8:43 pm
    Level 4: Tadpole with Legs

    Haii, my name is Vreanna! I’m 25 and often confused 😅

    I’ve been working with my trauma therapist for several months now, and she suspects that I (we?) have DID. Formally, I’ve been diagnosed with PTSD already, which I assume will eventually change to CPTSD as myself & my mental health team are all aware that I’ve experienced multiple traumatizing events.

    I’m currently in the beginning stages of trying to recognize and reach out to other potential alters; so really I have no idea what’s going on, which is why I thought joining this site could be useful ~

    ADHD has given me a lot of interests, but I’ve struggled to maintain any hobbies recently due to my mental health being not great. Generally speaking, I enjoy writing, listening to music, learning random science facts, nerd shit, traveling, BDSM, anything to do with food, and hanging out with the homies (which is harder to do now that we’ve moved states). I spend most of my time hanging out with my husband, chatting with my partner and friends, and vibing (being mentally ill 💀).

    I look forward to learning more and hanging out 💛