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    April 9, 2023 at 1:22 am
    Level 3: Toothed Tadpole

    Hi,not real sure if this forum is still active but ill try an intro anyways. We go by the headquarter system currently, and Im HQ, we are currently provisionally diagnosed as our understanding goes…or maybe officially, were not real sure. We also have schizoaffective, dyscalculia, generalized anxiety, and very possibly undiagnosed adhd. The body or structure as we call it, is Transfemme Non-binary and we use one/ones she/her or dude/dudes pronouns, pick your choosy. There are about 23? I think in our system? Were not good at counting us, whenever we do our dyscalculia kicks in and we lose track. We dont know if its from dyscalculia or trauma fog for sure though. We have a myriad of hobbies, currently we like emotional drawing, poetry, cats cradles, knots in general, tarot, and lots of reading. We also like to practice ukulele from time to time. We love collecting things as well. I am also a witch of a sort, and Rodger, a reformed persecutor is a dudeist that recently joined the priesthood if you could put it that way. Theres more but I wouldnt want to make an epic tome, ha.