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  • Star_Fissure

    June 22, 2023 at 8:50 am
    Level 2: Swimming Tadpole

    Hi! We’re a newly-diagnosed system (within the last 6 months), though we’ve been self-aware of having DID for almost 2 years. Two of our subsystems had become aware of each others’ existence while we were still in childhood, so thankfully there was already some organization and communication in place when we “officially” became self-aware in a more system-wide way. Body just turned 30, and we recently married our childhood friend, who also has DID.

    Almost all of us love writing novels, and our system tends to cooperate pretty well in order to make this happen. Our main career goal is to become an author, though the passion there is strong enough that we’ll keep at it even if it never pays the bills. Thanks to being married, we can work a part-time retail job in the meantime. Tried full-time for a few years and our PTSD could not handle it.

    Other hobbies depend on who’s fronting. James and most of the people in Marionette’s subsystem are very into cross stitch. And I mean VERY into it. They can rattle off brands and designer names if somebody is looking for a type of design.

    Moira loves knitting, crocheting, and anything to do with wool and yarn. She rescued an antique spinning wheel in near-perfect condition, and has plans to restore it to its former glory.

    Laleh plays video games. Her favorites are metroidvanias, though she has a reputation for picking ones with difficult platforming/combat, getting stuck on a boss mid-game, and never finishing them.

    Lothair loves writing even more than the rest of us. His entire being is kind of centered around it, in as many ways as he has been able to do so. If he was the only one who ever fronted, we would probably be living in some tiny cabin in the woods, overflowing with books and unconnected to the internet. Thankfully, the rest of us also get a say. 😅

    Jennifer, Vincent, and Annabelle love to sew. They own four antique sewing machines, two of which are in working order and one of which they apparently plan to restore. They want to make ALL of our clothes and never buy garments from the store. We’ll see how that goes, as so far the only clothes they’ve made so far are headscarves and skirts.