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  • The_Star_Fissure_System

    October 9, 2023 at 5:25 pm
    Level 6: Adult Frog

    Maybe “indulgent” self-care items like bath bombs and scented candles. Craft kits for middles and littles. Books that are related to dissociation – not as in “true story of DID” books, but fiction that is relatable in an emotional or abstract way, like Wendy Darling or The Southern Reach trilogy. (Could be triggering, but I also feel like these type of books might be a safer bet for people who visit this website and read the blogs, without the enforcement of trigger warnings).

    Recipes for very simple meals that can potentially be made while fighting depression. Ideas for planners/printables that could be useful for people who are systems/fight amnesia. A card or piece of paper with a list of potentially relatable songs for the recipient to look into. Snacks and fidget toys are helpful for grounding, as others have mentioned. Also maybe small craft kits that are more for adult system members than littles, like amigurumi, cross stitch, embroidery, or a kit for sewing a stuffie or a mini, wall hanging quilt.

    Tea is always helpful. I also agree with others who have suggested journals. Pens that feel nice to write with and come in a lot of colors, like Inkjoy. Tarot cards or the type of oracle cards that have self-care suggestions on them. You can never go wrong with stickers, especially with encouraging your headmates to use a physical journal. Washi tape helps too. Adult coloring books and gel pens. Books about science and history are also weirdly grounding for us, but we might be more alone in that regard. Maybe puzzle books like Sudoku or a word search for when your brain is too foggy to know who you are or what you want, but you’ll just have flashbacks if you don’t do SOMETHING.

    I personally wouldn’t want stuffies, but that’s because we buy our littles stuffies all the time and we already have accumulated a lot of them.

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