Social Groups

Joining a Social Group means that you’ll see all content posted to that group’s feed on your DissociaBook page. You’ll also get email notifications of new group activity.

Groups are a great place to share your images, videos, or thoughts with other site members who share the same interests.

We ask that Social Groups be kept as safe spaces and that all content stay PG-13.

Think a new group needs to be added? Mention it on DissociaBook, and the admins will create it if your suggestion gets at least three likes.

General Forums

The General Forums are meant for longer discussions than DissociaBook or Groups. They are meant to be reasonably safe spaces – please keep all content PG-13.

if you think your post might be triggering or if it’s more adult in nature, please use the Trigger Warning Forums instead.

Trigger Warning Forums

The Trigger Warning Forums are meant for darker or more adult topics. What is discussed here needs to stay here.

Please only visit this part of the site if you’re in a good headspace.