How Much Does Therapy Cost?

This is written from the perspective of someone living in the US. The situation in your country may differ.

Therapy costs can vary widely based on different factors (i.e., the therapist’s credentials, the type of therapy, insurance, etc). We’ll go over a few different things to look into & different ways of paying that will often be offered by therapists in your area:

Out-of-Pocket: If you choose to pay without insurance, therapy can range often from $50-250+ per session.

Insurance: Many health plans will cover mental health services. Check with your insurance policy to see if therapy is covered, what your copay or deductible might be, and if it only covers a certain amount of sessions/year.

Sliding Scale: Many therapists will offer sliding scale fees. This means they will adjust their rate based on your income, making therapy more affordable for lower-income people.

Community Clinics/Nonprofits/Universities: There are some organizations that will offer lower-cost or free therapy services.

Employee Assistance Programs (EAPs): Your workplace may grant you access to a certain number of free therapy sessions.

Online Therapy Platforms: Online therapy often has different pricing structures, which can be more affordable than in-person therapy.