Is DID the Same as Being a Different Person at Work Than You Are With Friends?

No. This is where you get into the distinction between personalities and identities. To start with, in implying that DID is the same as having a different personality for different situations/scenarios in life, you’re entirely discounting the amnesia aspect of the disorder. A massive aspect of this disorder is that alters are separated by amnesiac barriers, keeping them separate and distinct from one another. There are many more aspects that are getting overlooked (particularly trauma), but amnesia is the main aspect that gets massively forgotten in this comparison. This idea of plurality connected to being a different person in different scenarios would connect much more to Internal Family Systems (IFS), a therapy model that is used for anyone in the world to give names to the different parts of themselves to understand how their different ‘parts’ communicate with one another and work with or against each other to understand themselves better. Is that an okay way to view yourselves, and is it okay for someone to view themselves potentially in a plural way because they employ IFS in their daily life? Yes. Do they have a disorder connected to plurality? Do they have DID? No. The amnesia is what makes DID, DID and shifting your personality based on your circumstance is something almost everyone does.