Incognito Files, part I

πŸ§‘ (me) – “You know what I would love tonight?”

πŸ§”(partner) – “What?”

πŸ§‘ – “Some beer and pizza.”

πŸ§” – “Sure, I could go for that. You order the pizza and I’ll go get some beer.”

πŸ§‘ “Ok πŸ₯°”

10 minutes later…

πŸ§‘πŸ€³- “Hey, if it’s not too late, could you get me a fruity drink instead?”

πŸ§”πŸ€³ – “Sure.”

πŸ§‘πŸ€³ – “Actually, maybe Bailey’s or something that could go in coffee.”

πŸ§”πŸ€³- “Ok. Are you sure?”

πŸ§‘πŸ€³- “Yeah.”

20 minutes later…

πŸ§” – “Here you go. I got you a couple of things that could go in coffee “

πŸ§‘ – “Oh wow, thanks.” (makes coffee and tries to drink it)

πŸ§” – “What’s wrong?”

πŸ§‘ – “Nothing, it’s really good.”

πŸ§” – “So when’s the pizza getting here?”

πŸ§‘ – “Oh…”


πŸ§” – “Want me to get you anything at the store?”

πŸ§‘ – “Which store?”

πŸ§” – “The one that sells drinks.”

πŸ§‘ – (On a week night? Was there some kind of special occasion I’m forgetting…) “Oh! It’s Friday! Definitely not Tuesday, haha. It’s the weekend!”

πŸ§” – “… Yep, it’s Friday!”

πŸ§‘ – “Ok, I’ll have some wine.”

πŸ§” – “Ok, let me know if that changes.”


Late night TV

πŸ§‘ – “Can we watch anything other than this?”

πŸ§” – “What’s wrong with this?”

πŸ§‘ – “I can’t watch this before going to sleep. It gets me too agitated.”

πŸ§” – (sigh) “Ok, what do you want to watch?”

πŸ§‘ – “I don’t care, just not this.”

Later that week…

πŸ§‘ – “Oh, you’re watching this!”

πŸ§” – “It’s ok, I can change it if you want.”

πŸ§‘ – “No, I love this! What season is it on? Did you already get to my favorite episode?”

πŸ§” – ….

πŸ§‘ – “What?”

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