When The Trolls Find Us…

Right now everyone on the site is great, and there is no need for moderation.

This is the internet, though, and the trolls will eventually find us.

That’s why I want to point out a couple of site features. If you click “members” in the top menu, you’ll see everyone’s membership card. 😉 In the top right of each card, there are three dots. Click on them, and you have two options – Report Member and Block.

Block is the simplest. It filters out everything by that member from your view of the site. All their posts, messages, etc. go *poof* as far as you’re concerned. The other option carries a little more weight, and that’s “Report Member”. Not only does it contact yours truly, but if enough people report a member, it automatically blocks the troll from using the site. That’s the first line of defense.

There are config bits I can turn on that will require my review and approval before posts are made, but I really don’t have the time to do that for everything, so there is the next option… The site will simply stop allowing new user signups.

There is no money being made here and no desire for the site to become super popular. If the trolls try to invade, I’ll raise the drawbridge. New user signups will become invite-only.

Of course, it could escalate past that, and if so I may have to resort to legal measures. I have no problem doing that. I will not sit idly by while I, my system, or my friends are threatened.

This site is an extension of our home, and I will protect it by whatever means necessary. This will not become reddit.

As for more normal disagreements between members, feel free to reach out to me when they occur. I’ll step in and moderate if required. Again, everyone makes mistakes, please give each other some slack, but don’t hesitate me to contact me if needed.

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