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Mental Health and Accountability in For Dissociative Folk
Nov 22nd 23

We all know it can be very difficult to manage tricky situations when you are struggling with your mental health. If there is something going on for you that is deeply affecting you - or something ...

Life skills
Mental health
Eating Disorders in Co-morbid Conditions
Nov 14th 23

Eating disorders are complex mental health conditions characterized by abnormal eating habits that negatively impact an individual's physical and mental well-being. These conditions often involve a ...

Tips for Developing Communication with Alters in For Dissociative Folk
Nov 11th 23

*This article is based on personal experiences from systems and should not be taken as fact or rules - this will not work for everybody, but can be taken as a suggestion for something to think ...

Mental health
Medication and Culture in Treatment
Nov 6th 23

Medication will not be for everyone - it won't be the answer for everybody. However, if you are someone who finds that medication helps you, please don't allow other people or societal pressures to ...

Our Sources in Other Sites
Oct 11th 23

In general, information for this wiki was gathered from the following places.  We'll do a better job of adding sources to individual articles in the future. Please bear with us, we're learning. ...

Links to Other Dissociative Content in Other Sites
Oct 11th 23

The ICD-11's Diagnostic Criteria for Dissociative Disorders are online for free.  We highly recommend checking out, is a jewel of a site. 

Posting Your Own Content + Fears Around Social Media in The World of Media
Oct 8th 23

If you came to this page hoping to be told, "Well, just don't worry about it; post anything you'd like, and you'll be fine!" you've come to the wrong place. There is a very valid reason that there are ...

DID in the Mainstream Media in The World of Media
Oct 8th 23

What is the Problem with DID's Representation in Mainstream Media?If you look at mainstream media, a huge proportion of DID's representation will be in the horror genre. If not in the horror genre ...

Talking About the ?!? Experiences in For Dissociative Folk
Oct 8th 23

Emotional BleedthroughEmotional bleedthrough is something that is so disconcerting when you experience it. Before you know what it is and why it's happening, it can make you feel like all those ...

You're Not Alone in For the Child Alters (Littles)
Oct 1st 23

Did you know that most systems have child alters?That's right - most systems out there have kids in their systems too. There's nothing strange or different or unusual about you. There are many people ...