About the Project

Who We Are

The cafe is run by The Electric Circus (T-E-C) assisted by braidid, Anomalous, and erikajeankruger. All of us are dissociative systems. (If you’re wondering what a system is, check out the Dissociative Dictionary.) 

Who We’re Not

We are not mental health professionals. We can’t diagnose or treat you. If you are in a crisis, please try one of the hotlines listed in the wiki or call your local emergency services.

Why We’re Here 

We’re here to create an inclusive, welcoming, supportive community of dissociative adults and their allies. We believe we can support and learn from each other in ways that people who don’t deal with these disorders can. Sometimes, that means talking about difficult topics. Sometimes, it means relaxing and enjoying the company of others who “just get it”. 

The cafe is open to all dissociative adults, questioning or professionally diagnosed. While the content may skew toward the DID/OSDD end of the spectrum due to our own lived experiences, the site is intended to be a place for everyone who deals with a dissociative disorder, DID or not. 

What We Charge


We thought briefly about taking donations but have decided not to. We don’t want your money; we want something much more valuable – your time. Come hang out with us, post funny memes to DissociaBook, write a blog, or volunteer to work on the wiki. We want YOU!