About the Project

The dissociative.cafe project is led and funded by The Electric Circus (aka T-E-C – meet us here).  Our tireless wiki editor, @braidid, and our Discord moderators @Anomalous and @erikajeankruger assist us. All of us are systems. (If you’re wondering what a system is, check out the Dissociative Dictionary.)

The cafe is open to all dissociative folks, questioning or professionally diagnosed.  While the content may skew toward the DID/OSDD end of the spectrum due to our own lived experiences, the site is intended to be a place for everyone who deals with a dissociative disorder, DID or not.  Allies are also welcome

We are not mental health professionals. We can’t tell you if you have a dissociative disorder. We’re just collecting things we’ve found helpful on our personal journeys. We aim to be a valuable resource for the dissociative community and welcome you to participate. Together we can carve out an inclusive, welcoming, and supportive part of the web for folks like us.

The cafe is free to all members of the community.