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This site is intended for those over the physical age of 18. If you are a minor, we respectfully ask that you leave.

Looking for Information?

Our wiki contains over 70 articles containing research, commentary, and advice from others dealing with dissociation. We also have a growing FAQ page. Contact us to submit questions or article ideas.

Please note that we are not mental health professionals. We can’t diagnose or treat you. However, we can share our experiences, offer what we’ve learned, and offer support.

Come Journal With Us!

I hate our job

I fronted for the first time today at work. I HATE it. It’s loud. It’s busy. I don’t have any idea what I’m doing (Ty’s…

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Firefly Dreams

    Related posts Missing Our Cats We have this scar on our leg from one of our cats at home.  It’s mostly healed, just…

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_insert cool title_

I don’t understand what is going on with our brain. Something happened today in our brain that basically…shut down the “hosting system” in my brain?…

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Is it bad that I want all of the other people in my head to shut up and go away? I just want everything to…

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We have several systems that blog regularly, and literally hundreds of blog entries on the daily lives, thoughts, and struggles of those living with dissociation. Writing can be therapeutic. Any member of the site can blog from their profile. Those blogs are also aggregated into the Member Blogs section.

The Electric Circus’ blog is where this site began. It’s now over three years old. T-E-C does not claim to be experts or a representation of all DID systems – we’re just ourselves. Feel free to follow our journey of failed fusion and cat hats.

Looking for Community?

Looking for community?

Want to meet others who understand? Check out DissociaBook, or come hang out on Discord with us! We have video meetups on the first Sunday of the month, and now that we’ve gone multilingual, we’ve also revived some old forums.

We know living with dissociation can be confusing, isolating, and scary, especially early on in the process. The cafe community is here for you. Learn from us, laugh with us, and cry with us. The cafe stands with you.

Legal adults with any dissociative disorder are welcome here, as are their allies. Sign up now – all it takes is a working email address and a nickname! We won’t share your email with anyone.

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