About the Translations

T-E-C are stupid Americans and only speak English.  Sure, there were 3 years of German classes 30 years ago, and growing up in Arizona meant picking up a tiny bit of Spanish, but we haven’t used either in over 20 years.  Enter Artificial Intelligence!

DeepL is ranked much higher than any other translation service. It’s several times more accurate than what you get using your browser’s built-in translator, so we’re happy to bring it to our users. 

It’s not perfect.  

  • The automatic translations work in only one direction, from English to other languages. If you reply to a thread in Spanish, people using other languages will have to use their browser’s translation capabilities or manually use Google Translate to read what you said. They can respond to you in English and you’ll see their response in Spanish, however. 
  • Acronyms like DID (English) don’t always get translated into their equivalents, like TDI (Spanish) or TID (French).  Using DeepL glossaries can help with that, but with our chosen translation plugin, working with them requires using the API directly. For the non-technical among you, it means it’s kind of a pain to manage. 🙂 
  • Every bit of translation software we’ve tried has unique issues with our site.  The worst was WPML, which crashed the site occasionally if you tried to use French.  We think we’ve gotten most of the MAJOR bugs out of the way, but there are still minor ones.  We’re working on it.
We hope making this content available in multiple languages is helpful, even if things are rough along the edges. If you have any major problems, or a translation tells you that “my cheese likes to eat cats”, please contact us in your native language and tell us about it.
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