Free Stuff

The Care Package for Newly Aware Systems consists of a couple of books on DID (one for adults, one for child alters), a couple of coloring books (one for adults, one for child alters), colored pencils, a blank journal or two, and a small stuffie. It’s worth about USD 60, which T-E-C pays out of pocket. Unfortunately, we can only send a couple of these a month, so we ask that you only request a package if you have a limited income. If you’d like to see what’s in the current package, click here. Package contents may vary a bit, especially outside the US.

The Level 4+ Reward Stuffie is for members who have reached at least level 4 in the Tadpole Rankings. They are expected to start shipping in October, but we could use an idea of how many to order, so request one now if you are interested. Please enter the email address you use to log into the site in the form below so we can verify your tadpole status. These small stuffies are available regardless of income status – it’s not every day a tadpole grows legs.

Both packages are for those aged 18+ only. There’s nothing “Adult” in them; we just think it would be really creepy for an internet stranger to send stuffies to kids. Not going there.

Most shippers require a phone number; otherwise, we wouldn’t ask for one. Your information will not be shared or sold.