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    Posted by Shardspace on June 12, 2023 at 6:47 pm

    ✨ Favorite easy dinner recipes, remedies, social advice, cleaning shortcuts, bad mood busters, clever tips and tricks… for life with DID or just in general ✨

    What are your go-to life hacks?

    Here’s a few to start off (I love food so these will all be food related 😋):

    When you’re in the mood to really cook, make extra. Then freeze the extra portions in ready-to-reheat containers. Give them a label and you’re all set for the next sick day or busy day or “there’s no way I’m cooking today”day.

    – Italian dressing + Main Dish = Delish. Marinade pork, chicken, tofu, mushroom, or what have you in a dish of Italian dressing. Broil, bake, grill, or saute, it all turns out great with just those two ingredients. Serve with rice or pasta to be fancy.

    – (This one I haven’t tried but I saw it in a book) If making burgers, you can make more for cheaper by shredding a raw potato into the ground beef. 👈 Let me know how that goes if you try it before I get the courage.

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