• Trileptal/Oxcarbazepine

    Posted by kingslayer on February 13, 2023 at 7:04 pm

    Just started a new med and so far, it’s going very well for me! Only on 150mg twice a day of oxcarbazepine at the moment, but unlike with most other meds, I can already tell the difference it’s making 2 weeks in. It’s significantly helped with easing anxiety, reducing the ‘cooldown time’ (AKA the period where I’m just unfunctional for a bit) after getting triggered, and with being able to be more functional, I also get less depressed and self-loathing. It also seems to relieve my psychosomatic pain symptoms which has not happened with like any med prior to this.

    Also, I’m not having a ton of side effects (or anything all that bad at all) which I tend to experience with most meds. My digestive system is upset, but that’s normal for me with meds. And it’s not as bad as some are with that, so overall, it’s a good experience so far. But I will update over time in this thread while I’m taking this one.

    If anyone else has any experiences, feel free to leave them here too!

    – Galen

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