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  • TraumatisedUnicorn

    December 18, 2022 at 3:13 am
    Level 4: Tadpole with Legs


    It’s been a blurry few hours and I still don’t know who I am right now, but I’ll answer mostly from our host’s perspective I think?

    She heard a male, adult voice in her head for the first time when she was 3. He just kept saying, “Hello,” and she was too scared to answer him for a long time, but she eventually said, “Hello,” back. They started talking regularly, and she started hearing another child and talking to her too. But she always just assumed they were imaginary friends that she never grew out of, for some reason. And no-one told her any different. A few more “imaginary friends” appeared over the years, and a voice she would sometimes hear during nightmares but assumed was just part of the dream, even when it seemed out of place. When she learned about the DID, she already felt like she knew a lot of us, she was just shocked to discover we were actually real. Our youngest alter can talk, but isn’t able to word things very well, so we can all get to know her better now that she can leave us pictures she’s drawn to give us an insight into her head. Ditto (the one who only communicates during nightmares) hid from most of the systen for a long time and I wouldn’t say any of us really “know” him yet. We’re working on it. We don’t have very good communication with our most recent alter yet, but we’ve been able to learn a bit about them through the conversations they’ve had with our boyfriend, through notes they’ve left us and we’re getting a sense of the things they like through the photo album they’ve created on our phone. It’s a good start for sure

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