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  • ConfusedSoup

    December 26, 2022 at 6:06 am
    Level 5: Froglet

    i think we knew for a long time but at the same time didnt.<div>

    i’ve found old journals were we wrote back abs forth to eachother and lamented pretending to be one person from back in line middle school, but i dying remember writi g any of it (to be fair none of it was by me so that could be part of it)

    i think we were in our late 30s when the big event happened that changed everything adhd made us realize what was up.

    basically we had gone through some new shit (ill spare the details) and finally got to a safe place.

    pretty much everyone had retreated inside and a brand new alter, Paper, was host.

    but Paper had no memories

    like none.

    didn’t know our name, our partners, our family, nothing. but seemed fine with it.

    Paper didn’t understand the intense emotions they would get sometimes and tried to find a way to help those feeling (aka Smoke having a meltdown and endy thoughts)

    after a few years of research abs consulting found out about the disorder and got to work trying to communicate with smoke

    we’ve now got a diagnosis and paper is no longer hosting(but they’re still a sweety abs a great emotional help)


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