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    May 16, 2023 at 9:25 pm
    Level 3: Toothed Tadpole

    Lets see,

    We started with the names A and M for the first two alters that revealed to us, they eventually became Adept, because one holds a lot of our thinking and skills, and M was made to Em, Agonist was named after an album with specific themes related to them, so was Epitaph and Cenotaph was named after a song that is related around our ideas of themes of what they represent to themselves, Parrotfoot was named after a name wed heard somewhere about a thief in south america with heavily arched feet. Kinfolk is a little/middle who identifies as kin/family and folk because theyre a people person. The traveler was named after a gangster/romance movie character from the 20’s. Oney is named that because they are small, and your honey, your Oney. Spike and Deunan are both named after fictional characters from animes, cowboy bebop and appleseed respectively. Mirage was named Mirage because of the way they appear in the mind, theyre a robotic pack mule and when they overheat it turns into a mirage where they disappear the closer you get. Gecko called themselves that because they had an affinity for Geckos since the system was small. Tara was named after the female version of the buddha, (she does not think she is the buddha in case youre wondering) because they are also very genderfluid. And shocktrooper goes by that name because thats how they first appeared to us recently. The rest just chose their own names because they liked the name.

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