How to Explain to Others

It can be hard for other people to understand how you feel and why you’re small in a big body. It can also be hard for them to get that you might be small in some ways but big in other ways. Here are a few ways you can explain it to them to help them understand…

Remember: If people ask you to explain further and you feel uncomfortable or overwhelmed, STOP THEM! That’s okay for you to do! They can do their own research. It’s not your job to teach them.

For kids who understand a lot and are able to think like adults but have big emotions and feel like a kid…

  • “I think like I’m older but I feel like I’m younger. I’m still emotionally a kid.”
  • “My emotional processing is still at a really young state which is why I’m still young.”
  • “I just feel young.”
Last updated on October 13, 2023
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