More Misadventure!

Blogs may include sensitive or triggering content. Reader discretion is advised.

We’re doing OK. The week off work helped, and Saoirse is back at work, doing Saoirse things. We did have a detour through the local ER a week and a half ago to get stitched up – Janet managed to hurt the body by accident while moving heavy things she shouldn’t have tried to move by herself, but hey, it wouldn’t be T-E-C if we didn’t have some new misadventure. The stitch was removed this morning at our primary care doctor, and only bleed a wee bit, so all’s well that ends well?

The tide of Dad emotions seems to have crested and is calming back down. Do we still have Dad issues…. of course. The initial shock seems to have passed, though. Some of the kiddos are still pretty sad, but we seem to be out of the furious flashback fiesta. PTSD has gone back down a notch. Sleep is a wonderful thing.

And, its past our bedtime, so I’m going to go. I just thought I’d make a quick update for the small (minuscule?) number of readers who we don’t regularly talk to.


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