Post-integrative haze

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Snuffed embers, cool ash

Place it amongst what you want to grow

Never mind that the hearth is cold

Nourishment comes from the combustion


Relics of the past, lessons learned

Orient to what you want to know

Disregard what was the plan

May your compass know North and your clock be right more than twice a day


How does one pick up the pieces

If they were shed to be rid of?

We begin naked and oblivious

As it has always had to be


It is unideal, life does not care

They yank my chain, life is not fair

Who among us does not know this?

Make peace with where you are at


The moon does not always appear full

And its fixed flat visage hides its true depth

The tree of your sprout

Barely casts a shadow yet


Look to the horizon

See the forest from the trees

You are whole again differently

Yours to discover for free


Be it that your shout is still a whisper

Or that your reach can only softly grasp

Valid is your journey

Growth is the path


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10 months ago


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