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I’ve ordered a “test stuffie” with a dissociative.cafe bandana. I figure it would be a neat gift for people high in the tadpole rankings. If people don’t want others to see the website name, they can take the bandana off. The test stuffie has to pass inspection by our littles before it is T-E-C approved, but if it’s approved, we’ll likely offer to send them to Froglets and Tadpoles with Legs in about a month.

I say “offer to send” because this site currently doesn’t collect any physical addresses or names, and those are required to send stuffies. I totally get why people would want to stay anonymous, and that’s fine. I’m trying to come up with an alternative reward I can send just by email address that is a) personalized and b) international, but I haven’t found anything that fits just yet. Unfortunately, most email-only gift cards seem to be tied to a country or currency, and we have members from all over the world… if anyone has ideas, let me know.

We’re also kicking around ideas for a monthly giveaway and how it would work. It will likely be separate from the tadpole rankings. The idea is that tadpole rankings give you a guaranteed gift, whereas the giveaway is random and open to everyone. I encourage people to give feedback on a forum thread titled “What would you want in a dissociative care package?” – what would you want a chance to win?

Lastly, we’re tossing around ideas for packages that people could apply for, such as a “recently diagnosed” kit. We’ll see how shipping stuffies and monthly packages go first… if we do make kits people could apply for, we’ll probably open up a donation bucket to be used solely for that purpose. What would people think of this? T-E-C is fortunate to have the money to run the site and to give away some stuff… However, I don’t know that we can afford to give away a kit to every newly diagnosed system that comes along. Leave your thoughts in the comments.

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7 months ago

I like the idea of kits for “newly aware systems” or something-or-other. One thing that could be cool would be to have short, handwritten notes of encouragement from other people with dissociative disorders. People could send them in, and then when someone asked for a kit, we could throw in a few?

If we get serious about taking this into the physical realm, I think we need to look at a non-profit, a P.O. box, and other things. Still, it could be fun.

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