I don’t want to go to work

I work today.

It’s a shorter shift than the ones we’ve done previously at this new job. Only about four or four and a half hours long.

We’ve been doing 5-6 hour days lately.

But we’re /closing/ today. And because we have a lot of the basics down, they’re probably going to be starting to teach us the closing tasks today…

Yeah, that’s probably true…but why is that so scary/stressful?

Because I’m already scared of messing up this job. There’s SO much we have to remember and learn already. And if they add more that we have to remember, I’m afraid of losing it all. And if I lose it all, I’ll mess up. And if I mess up, they’ll be upset with me/us. And if they’re upset with us, they might tell us to leave. And if they told us to leave, then we would have to go back to–

Woah, hold on. Take a breath.




We can ask questions. 

They’re not going to expect us to remember all of the closing stuff right away. Same as they didn’t expect us to remember all of the other stuff right away. And guess what? We have been starting to remember more.

We might not always remember how much of what goes in the different things yet…but we are beginning to remember WHAT goes into each thing. And that’s part of learning it all.

ALSO…some of our favorite co-workers still have to ask for reminders on different things. Especially on the weirder/less frequently ordered items.

So we’ll be fine.

And even if we mess up, everyone there messes up sometimes. Yes, the one co-worker “fires” people over some of the things…but it’s in the tone of “hey…we can’t be doing this, and I know we can be better”. It’s not an official write-up.

…we’ve never gotten written up at our other jobs, right?

The closest was when we got a talking to about our till being off by $50…and then they later found the $50. So seriously…we don’t need to worry so much.

I just don’t want to go back to the scary-bad job.

We won’t. 

Even if we were to get written up, we’d have to get written up REPEATEDLY before we were fired.

We’re not going to have that become a problem, because the job will let is know if there’s something we need to correct.

We’ll be able to adjust if we need to.

What if they get weird about what we wear?

As long as we follow the dress code, which we have been, they already know we’re genderfluid. Hell, look at how many of our coworkers are 2slgbtqia+

The time we’ve been most nervous about our outfit, our coworkers were HYPING IT UP.


We’re fine.

The one coworker literally suggested that we need to set up a time to play Magic: the Gathering with his boyfriend.


And it’s not just 1-2 of them. It’s MOST of them.

This is a good job.

We’re really enjoying it so far.

It’s one of the DREAM JOBS, even.

We’re going to be fine


You get to LEARN

You get to CREATE

You get to bring a smile and something tasty into someone else’s day!

You know how excited WE get when we go to a coffee shop. WE get to bring that joy and excitement to other people now, too!

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    1. Little did we know that, 4-1/2 hours later, we would be asked to work at the /OTHER/ store for closing, to help cover someone who’s sick ^^

      Ahhhh…now we get to be anxious about meeting new peoples, too. Though, I guess meeting the other location’s team is inevitable to some degree ^^