Sorry isn’t enough

A misused word

I am Linus in his pumpkin field…

Like a use of “if” instead of “when”

I didn’t mean it that way, but the damage was already done.

…I SAW you shut yourselves away…

And I can never unbreak that trust.

Saying sorry feels empty.

Sorry isn’t enough. 

Though it wasn’t what I meant with my words,

I still caught your heel, Achilles.

My lance lost its blunting and became the sharpest point…one that caught the weakest part of your armor

i wasn’t aiming there.

I thought my words blunt.

I can’t take them back.

I can only hope that the damage to trust is repairable…in time.

You all are my lights, my happiness

And seeing the walls go back up around you kills me inside.

Especially knowing that I, though unintentionally, was the cause.

(I wanted to post this yesterday evening, but my system has a rule of “no public posts while under the influence of weed”. So I just saved it as a draft, and now that we are sober and it can pass all the checks our anxiety people have, we can publish it)

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