I miss having water

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We will hopefully have water by the end of today >_< I really, really hope that we do

I don’t want to go to work today, but the thought of having to go to work tomorrow without running water at home makes me want to cry.

And I know we can’t call in with this whole thing. As much as I would like to.

Dammit…I really wish we were on disability so that we could get by with only working 1-2 days week.

We’re going to be exhausted tonight, but not as badly as tomorrow. And then we get a 1-day break. And i guess i should be happy about the shifts today and tomorrow 8-2. Blegh for sleep, bc we have to get up no later than 6am to get ready now that it’s definitely winter here. But we’ll be done at 2, and that means we have the afternoon and evening free! All in all…that’s pretty nice. But it sucks to have to get up that early because our anxiety makes us wake up a LOT in the night, worried that we’ll miss our alarm.


I just…hate everything about this stupid situation with our water.

I actually WANT to take a shower…but can’t.

I miss washing my hands normally.

I hate that I KNOW if we’d have reached out to the one parental-unit, the water would likely have been back on right away. It definitely would have been back before today.

But it’s too dangerous for our system to reach out to them. {That one is scary 😭 -Ellie}

And so, we chose the safer route. Which, in the long run, is probably going to make us happier.

But rn? I honestly kinda hate that decision. I know we wouldn’t choose differently, but I’m definitely annoyed that things are the way that they are

I’m just…tires. I want life to stop throwing curveball for a bit. At least until I get a chance to rest up from the last twenty it’s given me in such rapid succession.

I want to be able to focus on myself for a bit. Like…this whole situation definitely isn’t helping in the “let’s help Gabriel be less suicidal!” goal…it’s just tiring me out more.

I really wish I could crawl back into bed with our partner-system rn. But no…I have to go start the stupid car pretty soon :/

-=-=-=- Written by an amalgam of “Gabriel” alters -=-=-=-

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