Goldfish and Eternal Feather

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I stand at the threshold of darkness,

And I feel no need to die.

Stars wheel above my head and I wonder,

So I wonder,

How anything so immense could cry so softly like a child.

I missed you.

In this crowded room, nothing was safe,

And faces faded in and out of truth, except for you.

There’s no temptation here for balancing graves,

I’ve been forgiven by goldfish and cosmonauts,

I don’t know if that’s presumptious to say, but I’ll say it anyway.

In this world where women are forced to be gods,

I would have forgiven you.


I missed your face in the night that fell through,

I don’t know how long it took me to see.

But I couldn’t survive without small hands in mine,

And I buried myself away in white.

Though I had no choice and nowhere to run.

Just like you.

We were both afraid,

And I pressed to your heart,

“You are not alone.”

And you gave me fire in return.


We’re working in unison,

To overthrow warrens over capacity.

We’re fighting from both sides of the gate.

I’m not alone; I will never be,

This Silence yawns threateningly,

Right over my head with serrated teeth.

But I’ll hold you like kittens killed by candy,

And I’ll scream my age,

To anyone who tries,

To rip this dark from my eyes.


I found your keys,

Braided in my hair,

As I wandered these animate corridors.

You tied them fast with ribbons when I looked the other way,

I could never get them out,

And I never want to try.

All the fear is lying to me.

I’ll keep you safe in the locket of my heart,

You’re a feather on fire like a star.

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2 months ago

Beautiful poem <3

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