You are no king…let alone a god

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My first memories of you are full of confusion, terror, and pain.

Over the years, not much has changed. Aside from a small handful of memories, they my memories of you are filled with nothing but that

Most of our system doesn’t remember getting spankings from you…only from your wife. But that wasn’t because you didn’t.

No, it was because doing that to us, and seeing us cry, turned you on. You would “give us something to actually cry about”.

Since we were your “princess”, you declared yourself king and enforced your wishes as law. Your wife was only too eager to help with this enforcement, as well as create rules of her own for us as well.

Your innocent seraphim and your temptress devil. Your wife’s angel and demon. Already, at such a young age, we had four roles between the two of you at home, within our bedroom and the one the two of you shared.

We were, at most, TWO years of age.

And we already had an alter for each of those roles.

Four alters, for what happened behind closed doors at home.

Let alone what happened on Saturdays.

Let alone what happened Sunday mornings.

Let alone any other situation you could turn into your twisted and sick fantasies.

We had more than four alters by this point.

But those four were the focus of you and your wife’s attentions.

The others, for the most part, could come and go and do as they wished while we were at home, as long as they behaved like good children and obeyed your more basic parental dictations.

As time went past, your wife stayed sated with the two, and so long as everyone else still obeyed her motherly dictations, she would only do things with her angel and demon.

Your eyes strayed to all of the feminine alters, however.

The ones who knew you on Saturdays.

The ones who knew you, and the others like you, on Sundays.

The ones who knew you when you would sit beside us at restaurants, where the actions of your hands could be hidden from everyone else.

You knew that wasn’t all of them, and so you kept looking.

You had already turned the comforting perfume bottles of our infancy into shattered glass

You had already twisted the comforting sounds of clocks and music into madness and screams.

You sought to possess all of us.

And when you couldn’t find the one we had kept hidden from you, the one who still saw hope of reclaiming the happiness of our infancy, you had her protectors broken.

You had us broken until those under your wife’s thrall all but offered her up for you to take.

And you took her, just as you had taken the rest of us.

You had us broken to the point where we could no longer care for ourselves.

Thank all that is still good in this universe you were unable to break us of our care for others, else we might have grown into something even worse than the one playmate you wished us to be more like.

To think that if you had managed to break us completely, and turn us fully into your loyal Mord-Sith, we would have reached heights of cruelty that the Thorn Princess could only have dreamt of…that thought terrifies me.

I’m glad you were never able to break our empathy.

That was the only thing that prevented us from reaching those heights.

Sunday mornings are a double-edged blade for you, aren’t they?

After all, how can you king though you claim to be, go against the Golden Rule?

You couldn’t.

You claimed that obviously, it meant that we should make you feel good, as you would so GRACIOUSLY make us feel good as well.

But you didn’t make us feel good.

You made us feel pain.

You made us feel fear.

You made us TERRIFIED of you.

You did not want to be treated in the same way we wanted to be treated.

And we certainly didn’t want anyone else to be treated the way we were being treated.

So instead, we went in a way that was…moderately encouraged by you.

It at least held the outward effect that you desired.

The innocence of the seraphim was fading.

That temptress devil of yours decided to take the power given to her–the power from the title of Lucifer himself, though that title was not bestowed on us by you, for the “skill to tempt even the most sovereignly devout to wickedness”–and use it to help others.

We would call out to you and those of your kind, in order to shift your attentions off of others.

And we would do everything we could to keep those attentions, so that others might have respite.

Well, the time for all of that to end is far overdue.

You are no longer a king we will bow before.

You never were.

You were, and are, a pervert of the highest regard.

And I look forward to the day you receive the full extent of the justice you deserve, even if that ends up not being within this lifetime.

-Written mostly by Lenore and Lucifer, but also bits of Daniel/Gabriel, and “Alex”

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