The smartest of brains often seem the most dumb

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I feel like this could very well sum up EVERYTHING that is on our mind. But that wouldn’t do much good without more context…

Though, does it truly HAVE to make sense to anyone else?

After all, no-one is responsible for the entirety of the world’s problems.

Unintentional hurt is inevitable. There are always going to be people that misunderstand.

There’s always the potential for miscommunication.

Everyone is human (or at the very least, grudgingly resides within the confines and experiences of a human body).

If you cannot remember your actions, the only thing one can do is apologize, try to clear up any misunderstandings, and otherwise make amends IF and WHEN someone tells you that they have been hurt by you, and how/what was the cause

Until that point, it IS okay to believe in the GOOD in yourself.

A very wise and kind person once taught me that.

…Not that I’m the best at remembering it myself…we are again realizing how much easier it is to separate the genuinely applicable fears and anxieties from those that are created from gaslighting and other traumas when you are not the one dealing with the fears and anxieties.



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1 month ago

God, I hate PTSD.

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