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This was going to be a giant rant by the alter who actually probably needs it, but before we could write anything our co-worker that we want to rant about came into the room we’re in and we switched out who was fronting. Not that I’m any happier with her right now though.

We’re just tired of dealing with her (and our other co-worker, but we don’t interect with him in person ususally). We liked her, mostly, at first, but now it’s like everything she does grates on us and just makes us more annoyed with her. We feel like we’re constantly doing extra work that she could easily do but she always has some excuse why she can’t now or she just forgets to do forever.

Currently we’re pissed because the pilot light on the furnace blow out a few weeks ago and between both of my co-workers they apparently couldn’t figure out how to relight it and didn’t want gas leaking in the house so they shut of the gas. Not the furnace, the gas. Which yes, does make sense but why they didn’t turn the furnace itself off, I don’t understand. She volunteered me to relight since I had turned it on last fall even though I know we gave her the instructions on how to light it. I was going to do it the next time I worked a couple days later but she didn’t want me to because it was warm and then windy. So I didn’t. Since then we have been exhausted and it didn’t seem that cold to us in the house. But almost everyday she bitches about how cold it is in a passive-aggressive way like she wants us to turn it on but not saying it directly. She is perfectly capable of relighting it herself. We finally went to relight it today because it really was cold, not knowing that the gas was off. So of course we couldn’t get it light and had to wait for her to ask what exactly they had done. And finding out that they left the furnace itself on was slightly frustrating. But it’s finally going again. The way we weren’t asked but just expected to do it and then getting bitched at for it not being light despite our exhaustion and getting no thanks for it just really pisses us off. 

If it were something that happened only once in a while, we wouldn’t care. But it feels like it’s constant. Plus how she’s always got something to complain about, even when there isn’t anything, makes it hard to not get dragged down. She asks us how to do things that she taught us when we were training and seems to have no common sense or just won’t think how to do things.

It’s just exhausting. The job itself isn’t bad and it’s worked for us to get back into working again. But she is so draining.

But hopefully in another month, we’ll have the new job we applied for.

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16 days ago

Good luck to you on your other job prospect! I’m sorry you’re having to deal with that in your workplace, though. That does sound super frustrating. 🙁

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