I hate our job

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I fronted for the first time today at work.

I HATE it.

It’s loud. It’s busy. I don’t have any idea what I’m doing (Ty’s doing his best to help, by communicating with the part of our system that typically does this shit)

People keep telling us to do a bunch of things that I can only assume that we do on a regular basis

Our customers keep asking questions that I simply do NOT know the answer to

The manager keeps giving me strange looks and I’m worried that my lack of knowledge is going to get us into trouble

I’m just tired and want to go back home. But I think the roommate is there today, and I’m being Hella avoidant of that whole situation because I simply don’t have the spoons to navigate that on top of everything else rn

I wish America was smarter and actually gave a shit about its citizens. I wish we had better Healthcare and could get our aches and pains dealt with. I wish we could get on disability, so we could take time to actually heal, rather than having to constantly be burning ourselves out with work

All in all, I hate our life rn.

I know it’ll get easier and better over time…but I wish it was better rn.

I hate being in pain and so out of the loop on my own damn life



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