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So we have an alter who is named after what our body was going to be called if we were born male (full name and all) and yet he reminds us of our father in a way. (In a good way, for he was also an abuser prior to his death.) We have been kind of wondering if he was an introject of both the ideology of our “name sake” and our father, but it’s hard to pinpoint if he is actually a factive. Has anyone had a similar alter in which they were unsure if they were an introject? 

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10 days ago

We have an alter who seems to be a combined introject of two different people. Both of them were people we looked up to and both of them were abusers. And it’s sort of like this alter is the embodiment of what we THOUGHT these people were. So…I guess I don’t know if that 100% counts as an introject or not, but I would think that it does? Since every impression that we have of other human beings is based on assumptions and/or ideals anyway.

Reply to  Dragons
10 days ago

I guess it depends on what you define as the difference between “introjects” and “brainmade”. From my perspective, it is all a reflection of self/one’s own creation, but I might be completely misunderstanding you.

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