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  • saoirse.t-e-c

    December 14, 2022 at 6:30 am
    Level 7: Prince/Princess

    Welcome Maris! I understand about having it be hard to find the right professional. Heck, our current psychiatrist is 90+ minutes away, and our therapist is in an entirely different country! Zoom makes a lot of things possible that didn’t used to be.

    We were diagnosed 28 years ago, and at the time, no therapist/psychiatrist located in our small town would touch us with a 10 foot pole. We ended up driving 2 hours each way, once or twice a week, just to see someone who dealt with this stuff. I wish we had Zoom back then!!

    It’s totally OK to be as active (or not) as you want to be here. I think we may need kitten pictures, though. 😉

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