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  • ASocietyofGhosts

    December 15, 2022 at 7:33 pm
    Level 4: Tadpole with Legs

    Occurs to me that I should toss something in here for us since we started the thread!

    We’re 25 and have been in the system community since 2011. We were dx’d DID in 2013 but haven’t had a consistent care team since then. We’ve known a lot of systems though, and lived with three others over the course of our adult life. We’re polyfragmented and fictive heavy, as well as physically disabled mobility aid users.

    We love animals v much, we breed companion pigeons on a very small scale and have cats as well.

    For a living we do art commissions of characters + d&d maps + etc and we make ears and tails for costumes/accessories as well as deco pacifiers, game + phone cases, etc.

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