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  • sharon.t-e-c

    December 25, 2022 at 8:44 pm
    Level 5: Froglet

    What does she have to report? Are you at risk of hurting yourself? Please see https://www.dissociative.cafe/knowledge-base/hotlines/ if you are. Stay safe!

    A lot of us also have trouble getting things out in sessions. Something we do is write letters and then print them out and hand them to the therapist at the beginning of the session, and ask them to read it. (Or email in this time of Zoom therapy.) By doing it during our session, we don’t feel like we’re imposing on their time. You did a good job of writing here, maybe just share it with them on your next visit?

    Your tent sounds really good. What is your bear’s name? It’s OK to be small sometimes. I’m sorry that you are so sad. It sounds like you have a lot of parts that aren’t allowed to come out anymore. We tried to suppress parts in the past, and it always ended up causing more problems than letting them come out. That doesn’t mean they were allowed to hurt us or someone else. They have to learn how to live as good people too, though, not just go away. Going away isn’t a solution, everyone needs and deserves time to heal.

    That said, welcome to the cafe, we’re glad you’re here.

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