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  • darthcat

    May 15, 2023 at 1:33 pm
    Level 6: Adult Frog


    We might be on the younger side of things. We are 17 years old. Will be 18 in about a week?

    We are about less than a year in our system discovery/awareness, the start of 2023.

    At this point we are still un-diagnosed, partly because we live at home with our bio-parents and even though our father is a psychologist and mother majored/minored in Psychology and Sociology, we keep our plurality hidden from them. And, because we need a better therapist or hopefully a specialist. (We also think that we are on the Autistic Spectrum because our parents self-diagnosed us at a young age, though we have no formal diagnosis which surprised our current therapist). Basically, “look for all things under the sun.”

    We are weeks away from graduating high school and college starts in the fall. And, ready to experience dorm life away from our family. (At least our brother finally moved into his apartment).

    We are a jumbled mess of headmates most of the time. And we do not know who is who and what is what. Names are tricky because some of us have names, but we do not know who the names belong to.

    In terms of hobbies and interests: reading, knitting, watching television, painting (sometimes finger painting), stuffed animals (the only hugs we get/like /j), curling, horse back riding (hoping our college has a club that we can join), Dungeons and Dragons (we are a part of a club at our high school). Doctor Who and LOTR. Science fiction and Fantasy.

    Pretty much anything that we can distract ourselves with and get some joy from, within in reason, of course. We also have a special interest in things DID/OSDD related (half the reason why we became aware of our own plurality).

    We hope by doing things like this we can improve communication for us and some fear along the way. And build a sense of community, even if online.

    P.S. If you want a brief synopsis of our life read “The Mordant’s Needs” series by Stephen R. Donaldson, we resonated with the series a lot, and recommend it for reading).\

    P.P.S We have a thing for typing a lot.

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