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  • TheCrowSystem

    August 30, 2023 at 11:44 am
    Level 4: Tadpole with Legs

    Hi everyone!

    I signed up a few months ago, but I haven’t been active in 6+ months, so reintroducing myself.

    Host is in his 30s and dx’d with DID, cPTSD, and ADHD – inattentive subtype. Our DID diagnosis is relatively new (~10 months) so we are still learning about our system. There appear to be 15 distinct parts, with the possibility of fragments.

    We’re really into Lego, comic books, reading (fiction mostly), painting, working out, being outdoors, spirituality, tarot, and watching TV and sports. We just began our first DnD campaign, so that is exciting! We’ve been trying to join one for a while, and we finally found one that is just for trans players.

    Other fun facts: we work in policy, we have a cat, and we have nine tattoos (numbers 10 and 11 coming soon).

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