Medication and Culture

Medication will not be for everyone – it won’t be the answer for everybody. However, if you are someone who finds that medication helps you, please don’t allow other people or societal pressures to keep you from something that’s going to make you less sick.

If you find medicine that can help you to be less sick, that’s an amazing discovery and you shouldn’t be shamed for it. Unfortunately societal stigma is high surrounding medication, so there is a need for internal strength regarding this. 

You won’t always find the right medication the first time. Don’t just try one and decide ‘well I did it, I’m on meds now, I guess this is what they are.’ Instead, monitor your symptoms on and off the meds, give them enough time to actually start working,  take note of any side effects, and monitor with your doctor whether or not you think this medication is right for you.

Finding the right medication can be a long process, but if you’re able to find one that’s right for you, that is something to utilize. It’s a new tool for you – not something to feel ashamed for.

Additionally, the goal of medication isn’t (always) to get off the medication. For some it will be – but if you find something that works for you that is a long term med and it keeps working, there is nothing that says you have to be working to get off your meds. Don’t let anyone make you feel bad for doing what is right and healthy for you.

Last updated on November 6, 2023
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