Uh oh, Medication Change Inbound! And, gee, I wish I could do that…

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I really wish I could do the magic finger wiggle like Sharon (see the previous blog post). It must assume that you are aware of what’s going on to some degree, though. If I’m not around (like when Sharon was out earlier), I’m often just not around. Time skips. I plan to write a blog post on that. I don’t experience time as being fully linear. I don’t have a time line, I have a time web.

But, that’s not this blog post.

As soon as the prior authorization is approved, I’m going off Zyprexa and on to a new medication for bipolar depression – Latuda. Which apparently costs $65 a pill, thank god for insurance. Being crazy ain’t cheap. Messing with our medication, ESPECIALLY our psychiatric medication, can be a really bumpy ride though. If Latuda doesn’t work out, I’m not sure what the next move is – I think I’ve been on all the other drugs in that class. Latuda is fairly new, which is why its so expensive. So, shall we start a betting pool?

Latuda will…

A) Make Janet so exhausted she’ll be unable to do anything but sleep 20+ hours a day.

B) Make Janet go balls to the wall Manic

C) Make Janet feel like she wants to die,

D) Make Janet burst into tears all the time.

E) Do absolutely nothing. Zilch. Nada

F) Actually give Janet some benefit.

G) Two or more of the above

H) Fill in the blank ______

Personally, my money is on G. Buy your spot on the betting board now! Feel free to leave your ideas for H) in the comments below.

I’m actually more apprehensive about the medication switch than I am about anything else going on right now. That’s how much I enjoy these things. Wish me luck.


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