Why “The Electric Circus”? How Long Have You Known About the Others?

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Why refer to ourselves as The Electric Circus? Um, ’cause we needed a name that represented all of us, even if we only ever used it amongst ourselves? For me, I kind of think of it like Monty Python’s Flying Circus. For one of my kiddos, who wants to be a “lectrician” when he grows up, its the Electric part that makes it cool. For Saoirse, it’s a heavy metal song thing. I think it started as a inner joke in the mid-80s, and just kind of stuck.

Mid-80s? You mean you’ve known you were a system that long? Um, Yup. Not all of us knew, but some of us did. I’ve always known, because my job has always been looking after the kiddos, and I go back to at least 3rd/4th grade times. That’s a little fuzzy, because I spent most of my time in our inner world, where time is kinda different. I also fixed lunch when we were home alone sick, that kind of thing – I’m the Mom we needed, ’cause Bio-Mom was busy in her own world. Nut didn’t fall too far from the tree, there. I guess she had her own fantasy world she escaped into. We’re just a lot better at it? hehe

I’ve played with the website some, Wix makes it pretty easy, thanks Janet! I hid our contact page. While we’re happy to get emails, facebook messages, and whatnot, it really helps us keep on top of things to have everything in one place. So, please use the Chat function on this site, or talk to us in the forums, or in the comments. It’s less stuff we all have to keep an eye on, and the site makes it really easy to watch for stuff. Of course, if you’ve been emailing us for years you don’t have to stop. That’s not what I’m saying…. it’s just the drive by questions people have are hard to stay on top of when they are all over the place.

Oh yeah, and most of us hate talking on the phone. Like reaaally, reaally hate it. So if you have our number, um, send a text. hehe

Thanks for stopping by. Please come again.

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