Sometimes Being a System is Fun

Blogs may include sensitive or triggering content. Reader discretion is advised.

I tend to forget that people outside our system don’t know all our inside jokes. Saoirse and I especially give each other a hard time. For instance, Saoirse found this image and sent it to me a year or so ago. Ever since then I give Saoirse crap about goat sacrificing music….

Saoirse is a good sport though, as for months I put notes in places that referenced the Shining’s “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy” scene. Saoirse is a workaholic and the most non-binary of us gender wise… So “All Work and No Play Make Saoirse a Dull ?” messages and variants would show up as screen saver text, or in emails (yes, we email each other), or on pieces of paper hidden inside technical books…. I’m sure there are still some waiting to be discovered.

Next, we give just about everyone in our life nicknames. This is because we’re generally absolutely terrible with people’s names. Part of that is that we just stink at remembering them, but part of it is that when this body was introduced to Random New Person, its likely than not all members of the Circus were in attendance. So, until everyone gets the memo, a nickname is given. Will every member of this system know our current therapists name? Not necessarily. But mention the Therapy Guru and everyone (inside) knows who you are talking about. I don’t know why it works that way, but it does.

Of course, nicknames aren’t just for outsiders. I just recently posted about Tso – The Silent One. Tso’s name became what it did because we had an alter who didn’t talk and couldn’t tell us her name. So, yup, she got a nickname, like 25+ years ago, and it stuck.

Of course, once we get to know you, we’ll probably use the internal nickname less. I think of Ian as Ian most of the time, instead of the Magic Flute (he’s a friend we play Magic the Gathering with who also plays the flute). But yes, if you know us, you probably have a nick name.

Another thing that’s fun about being co-conscious with someone is you can crack jokes from the passenger’s seat, and try to make them laugh or groan. Imagine that you’re in a super serious, but boring, meeting and you have someone in your headspace playing buzzword bingo. It’s not always unplesant to be co-con. In fact, we give each other encouragement too. I’ll get my internal pom-poms out and spell random things, sometimes curse words or phrases depending on the situation. (“Give me an O”…)

I know we all like to come on the blog and vent about how things suck sometimes, or about our frustrations with each other. The truth is we mostly get along, and can even enjoy each other’s company at times. While I know that some parts prefer flying solo, I enjoy being in touch with other parts during my day. They’re my “headmates”, which are like roommates in a slighty more condensed package.

“Livin’ in stereo, it’s all right. Well I can be my own best friend and I can send myself for pizza so I say: I think I’m a clone now…” – Weird Al Yankovic, I Think I’m a Clone Now


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