Moving to Anacortes!

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For months and months, we’ve been looking for a place to rent in Anacortes, WA. We had three main criteria – no stairs, allows cats, has air conditioning. And that’s turned up a big fat nothing until just recently. Now, on the 16th we’ll be getting the keys to our new place, which satisfies all those criteria. Yay!

However, its going to be an interesting move, because we’ll have to 99.99% rely on others to pack, move, and unpack stuff – we’re still mostly out of commission, and what energy we have is going to be directed at work, so we can afford said new place. Saoirse will be happy, at least. We’ll be paying movers to do the heavy lifting, but packing and unpacking is all being done by our mom and step dad, because they’re awesome.

I’ll admit, I have mixed feelings about leaving Everett. Moving to Anacortes will get us minutes away from family, which is good considering our health issues. However, it gets us further away from our doctors and friends. Mental health wise we already do everything online through Zoom, so that’s covered. Everything else? New doctors, or long car trips… probably new doctors. UGH. Not a fan. I also doubt there are many Magic: The Gathering players in Anacortes, given its largely a retirement community. Sooo…. it’s not perfect. But I agree with the council’s decision that being near family is more of a requirement as our physical health gets worse.

I’ll be glad when the move is over.


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